More About Me

Champion on your side

What are your life goals?  Your hopes, dreams, concerns and plans?  I am here to advocate for you.   Effectively listening to your needs is the foundation of our experience.  Specialist-level knowledge of the market,  the selling and buying process and a strong track record are part of the tools for success I bring for you.  Ask me for referrals and you will hear from many happy clients 

I am your strong advocate

Real Estate sales is my Full Time profession. I tour homes and check market status for items affecting real estate daily. Drawing on my experience, I delve in to broker-only resources to provide deeper insight into niche markets than can be found via public websites. Prepared with knowledge to suit your particular real estate needs, I will market your home to sell on your timeframe for the best value or help you purchase the best home in your preferred neighborhood for your lifestyle. Please browse my site and feel free to contact me so I can put the power of Windermere Realty Trust to work for you

Portland for life, 3rd Generation Oregonian

As a Certified Negotiation Expert, I work tenaciously for my clients.  I understand first-hand the challenges of relocating across country or across town, as I made my mark in the high-tech financial markets of San Francisco and New York City, after attending U of O school of Journalism and then graduating with an Anthropology degree from UC Berkeley. I thrive in solution-based consultation and contract negotiations. While immersing myself in all things PDX, I found my calling in the business of Real Estate through a love of the area and the appreciation of expertly representing people with their transactions

I am proud to be a 3rd generation Oregonian, born and raised in Eugene. I share my bungalow with my dogs and to balance my workaholic tendencies, enjoy vibrant portland area dining, music, arts and outdoor activities and volunteer with the Oregon Humane Society, ninety-nine girlfriends, a local winery and community-based organizations